Office 365 + Forescribe

Office 365 + Forescribe

Connect with Microsoft Office 365 for effortless information flow and enhanced team productivity.

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Unmatched App Discovery and Employee Association

With Forescribe’s integration with Microsoft Office 365, you gain unparalleled insights into your digital ecosystem. Our solution meticulously discovers all applications in use, both sanctioned and unsanctioned, giving you full control over your digital landscape. Detailed tracking of employee app usage allows for precise management of software licenses and ensures that each team member has the tools they need, boosting overall productivity.

Advanced Security and Utilization Insights

Forescribe’s Office 365 integration significantly enhances your organization's security by identifying and managing Shadow IT. This proactive approach mitigates risks associated with unapproved software, safeguarding your digital infrastructure. Additionally, Forescribe offers in-depth utilization insights, helping you identify underused resources and optimize their deployment for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Strategic Digital Ecosystem Management

Gain a comprehensive, strategic view of your digital ecosystem with Forescribe. Our integration consolidates crucial data across your organization, providing stakeholders with a clear understanding of app usage, employee interactions, and digital expenditure. This holistic perspective is essential for informed decision-making and strategic resource allocation, ensuring your digital investments deliver the best possible returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

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