Google Workspace + Forescribe

Google Workspace + Forescribe

Integrate with Google Workspace for a unified experience and streamlined operations.

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Comprehensive App Discovery and Shadow IT Management

Forescribe’s seamless integration with Google Workspace offers comprehensive app discovery, identifying both sanctioned and unsanctioned (Shadow IT) applications across your organization. This ensures complete visibility into your digital ecosystem, enabling effective management and optimization. By understanding which employees are using which apps, Forescribe helps monitor and manage app associations, optimize software licenses, and enhance productivity.

Enhanced Digital Ecosystem Visibility and Security

Forescribe provides a bird’s eye view of your entire digital ecosystem, consolidating data to offer stakeholders a holistic overview of app usage, employee interactions, and digital spend. With detailed utilization insights, organizations can maximize the value of their digital investments. Additionally, Forescribe enhances security by identifying and managing Shadow IT, sending real-time alerts about anomalies or security issues, and ensuring compliance with internal policies and external regulations. The straightforward setup and user-friendly interface make integration and ongoing management seamless.

Frequently Asked Questions

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